The Art of Restraint

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So, I got through my first multi-designer fashion show at the end of March.  As several models walked down the runway wearing my pieces a fellow fiber artist leaned over & whispered to me, "You really know the art of restraint."  What a spectacular compliment.   I often think my work is too simple, even though my pieces really just come from what I want to wear but can never seem to find in stores.  Maybe it's that Catholic school uniform thing, interestingly shared by Eileen Fisher and perhaps some of her devotees, the "cult of the interestingly plain."  She says "the idea that you can just throw that thing on every morning and don't have to think about it."  It sort of runs contrary to creating fashion, but that's what I want.  Something I barely have to glance at, it goes well with most other pieces in my closet, it's comfortable, flattering, &, most importantly, it doesn't hit people over the head.  It doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME!"  However, on second look the pieces do very subtly communicate a message about the person wearing them.  They are slightly artsy, maybe even a bit quirky.  I hope that certain ease, artsy spirit & minimalist restraint comes across as I present my inside/out tank for sale this season.  Yes, the art of restraint.  Sometimes less is more.