Dreamy Doors, Magic Portals


My favorite dreamy door in a series taken on my recent trip to Budapest, Austria and Prague. This door in Linz, Austria beckoned, and my inner child is certain that it is a magical portal to another realm. Narnia? Hogwarts, Trollesund?

There were so many magical doorways like this over there, and as I am just days away from turning 50 they led me to reflect on the numerous doors that I have entered, the many that I have not, the doors I have exited and the way life flows from one door to the next. I have been blessed to choose the doorway of a maker. It is an unusual choice for this day and age. A choice of uncertainty regarding material reality. Despite challenges, I remain happy that I entered that portal. My days spent creating allow me a certain calm in the current mixed up story of our world - a way to not be too caught up and a way to see more deeply when I am lucky. 

"The cultivation of focused awareness... cannot be adequately understood as a set of cognitive and affective tranformations alone, because such awareness is also an experience of beauty. As the turmoil of consciousness subsides and we come to rest in a heightened clarity of attention, the natural beauty of the world is vividly enhanced. We marvel at the exquisite tracery of a leaf, the play of light against the bark of a tree, the reflections and ripples in a puddle of water, the deliquescent radiance of a human eye... The same aesthetic vision inspires the imaginative tasks of self- and world-creation. The ennobling truths are not just challenges to act with wisdom and compassion but challenges to act with creativity and aesthetic awareness. Our words, our deeds, our very presence in the world, create and leave impressions in the minds of others... We cannot choose whether to engage with the world, only how to." - Stephen Batchelor "Buddhism Without Beliefs"